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Snowboard Lessons

Snowboarding is a popular outdoor winter activity in Slovenia. Learn the basics of snowboarding or master new tricks and improve your riding whilst enjoying Slovenia’s most beautiful slopes.

Snowboard Lessons

At Outdoor Slovenia Snowboard School we love winter. As a team of enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders we would like to invite you to experience winter with us. Slovenian ski centres offer clean fresh mountain air and friendly atmosphere. You can spend time with your closest friends or get your children moving. They can learn while you have some time to perfect your ski or snowboard technique.

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Outdoor Slovenia Snowboard school program

Beginner level

Outdoor Slovenia snowboard instructors cater to all levels of snowboarding knowledge and experience. If you have never stood on a snowboard before you will first get familiar with the equipment. Then you will take your first steps in snowboard boots and get used to your position on the snowboard. To ensure you get the most out of every lesson we can take you step by step as well as completely adapt the teaching technique to your needs.

As you progress with each snowboard lesson your confidence will grow. You will become familiar with different types of ski lifts (T-lift, chairlift) and how to use them safely. Once you have mastered basic turns, sliding and other techniques, you will move on to perfecting them so you can really start to enjoy riding.

Intermediate level

On the intermediate level we emphasise correcting mistakes and improving your overall technique. Consequently you will be able to add new skills in addition to those you will have mastered. We can also work with you on specific techniques you would like to improve or suggest new challenges for you.

Advanced level and freestyle

Even if you are already an advanced snowboarder, and you know your way around the slopes, it is easy to add a few freestyle tricks to you repertoire. You can also work on becoming more familiar with different terrains and build confidence.

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In order to optimize the efficiency the maximum number of persons per instructor is 4. We take great pride in our teaching technique. Outdoor Slovenia snowboard school instructors have all necessary licences and qualifications. They have years of experience and an immense passion for snowboarding.

Join us on Slovenia’s mountains this winter and enjoy the fun on the snow.


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