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Rafting Bled Activities Slovenia

Slovenia’s outdoors offer an endless variety of adventure activities. White water rafting is amongst the most popular Bled activities. It is a great option if you are looking for outdoor adventures for a family, a laid back half day activity, or a larger group.

What is white water rafting?

White water rafting in Slovenia is one of the most fun and affordable Bled activities. It is a descent down a river in an inflatable boat (raft) which can carry up to 8 persons each. We divide the rivers in Slovenia into sections of various difficulty. Each participant carries a paddle, and helps to move the boat forward as the guide who is seated at the back steers and manoeuvres the raft.

Rafting Lake Bled Activities Slovenia Adventure

Rafting in Bled Slovenia

The rivers near Bled Lake offer a great rafting experience for anyone looking for fun and exciting adventures to add to the things to do in this part of Slovenia. The Sava Dolinka is located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Bled, and is a calmer river, suitable even for families with smaller children. Participants require no previous experience. Our guides will make sure you are completely safe throughout the trip, and they will guarantee you have a great time. Furthermore, you will get to enjoy Slovenia’s naturally beautiful rivers and take in some amazing scenery.

Rafting on the Soča River near Bovec

The famous emerald river offers the most exciting rafting in Slovenia. If you are looking for activities to try in the Bovec area, the rafting on Soča is the perfect activity for you. The difficulty level is more intense than on the rivers near Bled.

What do I need for white water rafting?

All the equipment needed for a safe rafting adventure is provided by us. Each guest gets a wetsuit, life jacket, shoes, a helmet, and a paddle. You will need to bring a swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit, a towel to dry off at the end of the trip, and a bottle of water to drink afterwards.

Trip itinerary

The start of the rafting trip is either Lake Bled or the town of Bovec (depending on the choice of river). We pick everyone up either at a designated meeting point or at their accommodation.  After a short drive, everyone changes into their wetsuits and gathers around the boats. The guides explain in detail the safety precautions as well as answer any questions. The time spent on the river usually takes around two hours, depending on the size of the group, number of boats, and the water levels. The vans wait at the finish point where everyone changes back into their clothes, and return to the starting points.


You do not need any previous experience to take part in our white water rafting adventures. Rafting is a great experience for children as well. Minimum age for the rafting is 6 years. The Sava Dolinka River near Lake Bled is classified as a level 2-3 on the difficulty scale. The Soča River is a 4-5. A guide steers each raft that can carry up to 8 persons. The guests’ job is to paddle the boat. The guides are certified. They have all necessary licences and permits as well as experience. It is important to always listen to the guides’ instructions and follow them carefully. The safety aspect of every trip is always the most important factor.

Inclusions and restrictions

We include local transfers for all Bled activities in the price, if you are staying in Lake Bled for the Sava Dolinka rafting (and the town of Bovec for the Soča rafting).  Food and drinks are not included.

We consider rafting as a moderately physically demanding activity. We do not reccommend Bled activities for people with physical disabilities, pregnant women or children younger than 6 years old. If you are looking for something a bit more challenging you can have a look at our canyoning offer here:

If you have any questions about our rafting trips please feel free to contact us.


April – October


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